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Flash 10 Camp, 3D, Sound Creation, and IK

October 12th, 2008 No comments

I’ve just come home from Flash(10)Camp and am winding down. I had a lot of fun, saw some coll stuff, and even won Best Audio (with my team) with our app Flash Tones.

I was actually very surprised, there were a lot of well done apps, including others that generated sound but I guess we just had the app polished well enough. Thanks to Rod for that, he gave us the last few bits that really made it look nice. You’ll need Flash Player 10 and a web cam if you want to try it out.

All of the features I saw in Flash Player 10 were ones I’d seen before, except for the sound generation. Things were more in depth and better put together this time, though. The sound generation is nice, but complicated and hard to make it do what you’re expecting. Of course, I’m assuming you know almost nothing about the specifics of sound, like I do.

IK is fun, but I I focused on the other 2 as I didn’t have any IK idea that seemed particularly interesting.

The 3D is very nice, being able to move and rotate objects in all three dimensions opens up a lot of new possibilities. I had a lot of fun creating some simple squares and rotating them, then applying various blend modes and filters. Here are 2 of my favorites:

Those were fun but then someone mentioned webcams. I successfully connected up webcam video to my project and then spent several hours getting the video mapped to each of the rotating squares then getting it all matched up with the video behind it. I then added edge detection (thanks to Luke Walsh’s post), added some more blending and filters and voila!

I was quite proud of that and still think it looks cool. I wish I’d shown it earlier at the Hackathon but then again we won an award so I guess I’m just being greedy.

As an added bonus, here’s an earlier version of Flash Tones which warbled in an interesting way. Try putting your hand up at the very right edge of the screen.

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